You have taken the first step towards EDMARK’s success. Thousands of people have improved their lives with EDMARK and you are in the company of people who will feel good now. We really want to help you grow and achieve your dreams in life!

You will soon find EDMARK to be an opportunity to accelerate and enhance your lifestyle. This is truly the path to financial freedom. Get ready to be rewarded for your efforts and experience growth in all aspects of your life!

Your success with EDMARK will be accelerated with the EDMARK Dual Bonus Marketing Plan. A proven system and plan that includes both the point share system and the block system that maximizes benefits and returns. There are 9 BIG BONUSES in the EDMARK Double Bonus Marketing Plan:


Start your business and earn up to 25% commission from retail profits and get a head start on growing your business.

The path to leadership can be very rewarding. Receive an additional 15% bonus when you reach the rank of manager


Your efforts to lead your team really pay off. Enjoy an additional 25% bonus as you move up the ladder

The year ends on a high note as your achievements are also rewarded with an additional 2% bonus

Very few can say that the company they work for bought them a home. At Edmark, you can enjoy an additional 2% bonus that will go towards the house of your dreams

Enjoy an additional 20% performance bonus representing your growth with rewards recognized cumulatively.

As you reach your goals and milestones, you unlock a range of achievement bonuses that will significantly increase your earnings.

Life isn’t complete without your annual trip. Receive an additional 2% bonus for your next trip and explore the world 

Let Edmark contribute to the car of your dreams with a generous additional 3% bonus.

Join the Edmark Family as a Distributor of our wonderful Edmark Products and enjoy multiple streams of income, paid for cars, houses, trips and more! Get ready to be rewarded for your efforts and experience growth in all aspects of your life!



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