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colon cleansing and dark skin

Before the shake off, I found myself using whitening creams, kojic soaps and glutathione capsules. I wanted to have fairer and lighter skin. However, the benefits were temporary as my skin color returned when I was frequently exposed to heat. I consumed the shake off as a drink and also as a face mask.

After just one packet I could feel the effects 06 to hours later. I felt like I was evacuating everything, especially all the toxins in my colon. The mask that I made with the shake off was also very effective because thanks to this wonderful product I have a soft and light skin.

Tariq Abo Algith, business man, Soudan


I have been suffering from an acute colon episode since 1995. My diet was very strict and restricted because I have difficulty with bowel movements and was constantly bloated. When I became an EDMARK distributor, I made the shake off my favorite product. After a week of detoxification, I was back in shape. Now I can eat whatever I want knowing that the shake off will do the rest of the work. I firmly believe in the effectiveness of this product. My family and friends have become prosumers of EDMARK products.

Myrna Araga, Esthetician, Saudi Arabia

When I first went into labor, I found it very difficult to change my eating habits until I realized that I was constantly bloated and began to have gastrointestinal problems that resulted in vomiting, headaches and stomach pain.
Since it seemed that the medications were not working and the pain persisted, I decided to try EDMARK products. During the first week I took the shake off for 07 consecutive days. I was immediately relieved of my gastric problems. Since then I have been taking a shake off every 02 or 03 days for maintenance.

Thomas Maluleke, Taximan, Johannesbourg


I noticed a tumor growing on the back of my neck a year and a half ago. I was experiencing painful pain. The bigger the tumor got, the more painful it was. I started coughing and sweating often and even at night. The coughing had a damaging effect on my body, a sharp pain on my chest.

I started taking the shake off and after a week I could feel the results and they were visible. The coughing stopped and the pain decreased and I didn’t feel the sweat anymore.


Yessoh Gnahou Marie Madeleine, 61 years old

                                                                 Hospital Cleaning Agent, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

                                                                DISAPPEARANCE OF GOITER

Before I discovered and took Edmark’s products I was always tired and had joint pain. I also had a goiter and had to have surgery. When I discovered Edmark, I started taking seven glasses of Splina Chlorophyll liquid a day. As a result, I felt stronger that day. Since my goiter is gone, I can now wear anything I want without feeling so self conscious about my neck.

ONOVO Emmanuel,student, Enugu, Nigéria


I was cooking for my brothers and accidentally put a lot of oil in the pot and it splashed on my face and body. My mother, who is an edmarker, applied the liquid chlorophyll splina to my skin daily.

After two weeks of using and applying the splina, we noticed that my skin was clearing up. The oil burns started to disappear. My skin is slowly coming back to life. Thank you to Mr. Sam Low for creating and designing these EDMARK products for us. These EDMARK products are very effective.

FOTSO SOP Rodrigue, Teacher, Yaoundé, Cameroun


  1. I suffered from severe anemia following a first accident on the road which led me in a comatose state. The splina that I consumed contributed to bring me out of the coma where I had been for 03 days. I consumed the splina in average 0 bottle every 03 days until my recovery. My doctor having seen the improvement encouraged me to continue the consumption of splina.

    2. A few weeks later, I had a second accident. I had suffered a facial trauma with edema and periorbital ecchymosis of the left eye without damage to the globe following an accident. After having used the eye drops, prescribed by the doctor on the left eye without satisfaction, I took into account the suggestions of a distributor I met in Dubai. I put a few drops of splina in the injured eye. I was put two drops of splina per eye, morning and evening. pendant I did it 07 days. My experience of taking splina has motivated many others. Thank you EDMARK


Nanfack Carole, 22
student, Yaounde, Cameroon

Before I discovered Edmark Coffee, I was always feeling tired, so when I was introduced to Ginseng Coffee, I started taking one packet every morning. This coffee really awakened me and my usual fatigue completely disappeared.

disappeared. I would like to thank my mother for introducing me to Edmark products. These products are exceptional.

Gamila Saeed Omer, 46 years old, businesswoman, Khartoum, sudan

I suffered from terrible blood pressure headaches for as long as I could remember. These continued until I was introduced to Edmark’s exceptional products. After detoxing with the Phyto Fiber Shake Off, I took Ginseng Coffee and Red Yeast Coffee. After a few months, my blood pressure became normal and the headaches disappeared.

Esterlina Valmoria,Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

I am actually a coffee lover despite some uncomfortable feelings I used to have. I used to not fall well and had high bad cholesterol. But when I started drinking Edmark’s Red Yeast coffee, I felt relaxed. I now have a healthier outlook on life and am full of vitality in my daily routine. Thank you so much for the person who brought me to Edmark, my sponsor, and of course to our Almighty Creator.

Asseu N’techy Antoinette, Abidjan Ivory Coast

I had constant headaches before. I was also diagnosed with sinusitis. Every morning, before going out for my daily activities, I would have a cup of red yeast coffee. I have no more pain now, and I can move around without any problem in my daily activities. I thank God because he allowed me to discover Edmark and its products through my sponsor.

Phythagoras M. AsoDavao City, Philippines

I consumed EDMARK products when I was in Cameroon. When I returned to the Philippines, I was offered a cup of coffee 73. Because of the stress of my job, I couldn’t sleep and I always felt bad. After work I was always tired and fatigued. After continuous consumption of coffee 73 I feel stronger. I feel great every morning. My wife and I, thanks to EDMARK products, have excellent intimate moments together. Thank you to EDMARK products.

Relma Balabaran, Zambales, Catabato, Philippines

Before taking red bubble tea, I used to feel tired, sick and sleepy all the time and I used to cough constantly. But when I started drinking 02 bags of red bubble tea a day, I feel more alive, fit and happy.

This tea has an excellent taste. I have already consumed 02 boxes of this wonderful tea and I am consuming more. Thank you EDMARK. I feel better with EDMARK.


Stephen Perez,
entrepreneur, Paranaique City, Philippines

In the past, I had a low energy level and always felt dizzy. When someone suggested I try Edmark’s Bubble C, I tried it right away and felt refreshed. Since then, I have made it a habit to drink Bubble C at least three times a day. After a week, I felt more energetic and healthy. Now my life is more active and I enjoy it.


Bikola Folami, Entrepreneur, Abuja Nigeria

After our second child, my husband and I had always wanted a baby girl. It took us so many attempts to carry a child, but unfortunately, an ultrasound revealed that I had a blockage. We sought a cure, but the results were not promising. Once, I was visiting a friend in Ghana and discovered Edmark. I tried taking Bio-Elixir and Splina Chlorophyll liquid and after a month I started to feel funny inside so I had another ultrasound. We found out I was pregnant and the doctor asked me if I had surgery, so I said ”No,” it was pure healing products. I thank God and Edmark because now we have a beautiful baby girl.


Joy Akpan, Abuja, Nigeria

I was eleven years old when I got horrible acne on my face. My mother tried everything she could think of to help me, but I had no permanent cure. The pimples would disappear for a while, but they would resurface over time; this led to severe bird’s feet and sunken lips. Recently, after attending a seminar on the EDMARK beauty pack, I rushed out and purchased the Cocollagen. Today, I am a proud witness of Cocollagen for the instant miracle. I truly thank God for my whole life that changed the day I went to Edmark.

Aida Gaspar, 35 year old
Professor Selangor, Malaysia

I was not happy with my body, especially my breasts. After giving birth, I found them droopy and they were not pleasant. I started using Edmark’s Cocollagen before bedtime. After a few weeks, I noticed that my skin was fairer and younger. My breasts became firmer, much to my husband’s delight! Edmark products are simply fantastic.


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